Saturday, 14 April 2012

I DESERVE nothing less....

D. ... You know what, there is not one person on this whole entire planet, regardless of their situation, that doesn't Deserve to be treated with the common decency that Jesus Christ himself would treat each and every one of us with. Were we not all born equally, how does one persons lifestyle, good fortune, makes them more of a human being, than a person less fortunate, and with less assets, or less of a bank balance.  Stop to think how exactly do you treat your fellow human being. How do you know whats going on in their life that you cant stop to treat them with the Decent manners, honesty, respect, value, ..and all common basic human attributes that we are all capable of. Do you judge others? you treat other human being that bleed the same as you do, that hurt the same, that have families the same, or worse, dont!!, how do you treat them? you think they deserve less than you? do you think they Deserve to be treated  as less of a person than you?. When you were born, and they were born, do you think God made you better than them in that very instance?.

Let me answer that for you

He made each individual human being EQUAL.  No one, is better than anyone else, regardless of stature in the community, or career or job they do. You are just as important, just as equal, and not above, or below anyone else around you in your world. Nor are those you perceive to be less or below you, you are not better than them, and you never will be. You can only hope that one day, you can realise that you are both the same. for Deserve......Treat others with the respect you Deserve yourself.

Thank God, i'm me...

Ok,i'm taking time out of the A to Z challenge, to give myself time to vent, to type what i'm almost always too polite to say. 
That in itself is part of it, the polite part. See, I was raised with the belief that one is not rude to others, one doesn't disrespect others, one treats others with the damn respect they think themselves deserve.  So why, and i will appologise now but the language in this post is going to get graphic, because for ONCE, i am going to actually type (say) what i am actually thinking. Again, so why, do some people treat others with such fucking blatant disrespect. There is nothing, that pisses me the fuck off more than other people who are so damn up themselves they are fucking levitating!!.  HOW DARE another person, think themselves so fucking high and damn mighty, that they are above someone else, and have the damn right to say whatever the fuck they want to say, regardless of the other persons feelings. Who, do they think they are.  What makes you so much fucking better, with your up yourself attitude, to be so fucking obnoxious, and think you can insult, belittle, embarrass, ashame,  humiliate me, or others....what God given fucking right do you have to be sooooo fucking condescending that you are sooooooo righteous that you can think for one minute you are better than me or them.

You are NOT better, infact i will go as far as to say you are worse than anyone else. For you to think your so fucking brilliant, that treating others badly is the only way you can make yourself feel good, then you should be ashamed of yourself, because you know what, i fucking pity you...thats right, i feel so fucking sorry for you that the only gratitude you get in your life is dissing other people to feel good. Whats more, the people your treating that way, are twice the person you could ever, EVER aspire to be, and they are the ones sitting back , pitying you too as i am, because i'm almost certain i'm not the only person you treat this way.

Am i going to give out names, no i'm damn well not, because although i'm venting in here, and i don't give a ratsfuckingass, right now........I know better, unlike some others. So to those that read this, if your sure in your heart its not about you, then you have absolutly nothing to worry about.

I am a random person, i don't always make alot of sense, but you know what, at one stage, you liked that about don't expect me to act any different in the same situation towards you, not unlike i would anyone else. If this isn't making sense to you, then it's not supposed too, it just means its not towards you then.

This is called Venting.......

Lets all make a concerted EFFORT to treat those we call friends with the common fucking human decency we hold in regard for ourselves.  AND GET  A FUCKING CLUE WHILE YOUR AT IT.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

C is for Charm...its ever so charming...

Charm...Charming, my C word.
Define it a mannerism, an attitude,  is it what makes up a persons character, how they conduct themselves or carry themselves...or is it how they treat others, and how others perceive them.
Charm. I'm going to write my take on the word, my opinion as it were.
The word itself can be viewed upon in several different ways, i'll touch on two of them perhaps.
I find it utterly charming of a man, to treat a lady as a lady.  The simple things, like holding a door open for her, using manners infront of her, i see all that as being so very charming.  I think its how a person is raised from childhood, its 'in' them, its what makes them ..well, them! really.I find it very attractive in a man, if he's charming. Something so very sexy about it,  it drives you to want to know more about a person.  It makes a man more debonair, something very seductive about having charm.

Having charm isn't egotistical or being 'full of one's self,  per say.   It's almost like he is smooth in a very romantic way, without going 'over the top'. When a woman would say 'he is so very charming', i see that as quite the compliment for a man. Charm could take a man a long way, in his work, in his personal life, and dare i say it, in his sex life too !, yes, i went there lol.
Charm could be looked upon as a simple thing, a fleeting thought conjured up in ones mind regarding another person, during which the charming moment be it ever so brief occurred.
Or, charm itself, in its own right, could be also looked upon as being a flirtacious thing.  Like having charm, is being sensual, sexy, seductive, smooth, without having to, well, almost say a word!. It can win over minds and hearts in one, it can make a woman swoon, (theres an old fashioned word for you lol), to beckon to his charms, ok i'm going to type it....become weak at the knees lol.

Charm, in its more simple form, can be ever so innocent as seeing something cute, two children playing well together, sharing well, and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner, one might comment on how charming that is. A cute little animal, could be looked upon as being charming.

Whichever way you look at it, Charm, with all its glory, can only be an asset to a persons personality, one might say to have charm, will  create a 'win-win' situation.  So don't ever shy away from being Charming, embrace it as a weapon to use on the opposite sex, because you will find, us woman, love it!!. Be Charming, it makes a man, more of a man.......smiles.  And for the women, be charming too, it makes you feminine, something every woman should strive for nothing less,than to be feminine. (Bring your sexy back !!).

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

B...I sat and thought of the words that begin with the letter B. Several ran through my mind, some of which amused me, some just weren't fitting.  Then one word seemed to jump out at me, I put it down to the frame of mind I must be in, or maybe it just seemed 'right'. My B word, is Beyond.
Beyond what?, beyond reason, beyond logic, beyond any reason of considerable doubt, that this is the right word for my B.  Right now, in all honesty, as i sit here, i'm thinking, there has to be something else beyond the idiocy of yahoo chat, that claims some of my time, and far too much of my attention. Does it sometimes seem that we are always thinking or looking beyond what we already have in our lives. Always looking beyond the simple pleasures of each day, of looking around us at what we already have to fullfill our everyday lives.
In a way, in each stage of our lives, we are looking beyond the 'here and now' to 'what comes next'. Your young, your looking beyond to becoming a teenager. Then move into young adult and beyond to marriage, to parenthood. Once there, we find ourselves looking beyond to the quieter times of life, to grandchildren and retirement. Are we not satisfied with what we have, in the 'here and now'?, are we looking so far beyond us that we forget to live for today?. I hope not, i want to cherish each time of my life, each chapter in my life means i've lived it to it's entirety, and not a moment beyond before that chapter is done.
Beyond the horizon, there is more to explore.  He or She is innocent until otherwise proved guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. To the back of beyond. Above and beyond (the call of duty, i just wanted to add that lol). Beyond all recognition. Beyond belief.
One word, one single word, can change a life. Beyond the horizon, there is a whole world to explore, that can change a persons life. Beyond the horizon there could be riches waiting on the other side of the world beyond all imagination and belief. Every single day, the police, the medics, the firemen, risk their own lives to serve and protect society and sometimes, i'm sure quite often, act above and beyond the call of their duty.  The phrase they use in the legal system, 'beyond reasonable doubt'...serves to protect those where there could be a shred of hope of being innocent, and avoid incarceration. A term of imprisonment could hang in the balance in a jury room during judgement, a decision to be made with all evidence at hand, and beyond any doubt, that they may be guilty or innocent. Such a simple English word can change the course of justice and a persons life.  We watch the news on tv, sometimes in utter disbelief, with thoughts of astonishment beyond belief. Some words in the English language are just ordinary, simple, quite uncomplicated. Then there are some words that can summon up so many different thoughts, points of views, opinions, controversy, and i believe the word Beyond should be one of those. Its a word that makes a person think of what they could have, and not realise what they already have.
Sometimes i do think beyond the here and now, thinking further afield, into the future and beyond reach. I think its a word that keeps us striving and moving forward in our lives, i like to look at the positives in life and everyday things, and situations, and everything beyond what i have now, and what i strive for in the future, could only ever be positive, with overtones of happiness, throw in enjoyment, enticement and encouragment,  and everything beyond the 'here and now' could only be what one could explain as mere perfection to come, to be embraced with satisfaction beyond belief.

Monday, 9 April 2012 for.......

A is for........

Have you ever experienced the feeling of something missing, or someone
missing... that empty feeling, not quite like you have forgotten something
but a genuine feeling of emptyness... a void you find hard to fill with
some mundane task or unavoidable chore. Its the hollow feeling that
seems ever present in your mind, that lingers no matter how much you
try to distract yourself from thinking ...its the feeling of missing someone
when they aren't around...yes...
A is for Absence.
The absence of the person you love, the person whom you cherish, and
think about almost unwittingly continually and without distaction. To miss
someone so genuinly so openly and honestly is to feel their absence when
they aren't with you. How does one fill the void of their presence when
they aren't present in your life, in your day, yet are so ever-present in your
Absence is such a lonely word, it can only mean there is something or
someone missing... be it a person, or a pet...or such a simple thing as
an enjoyable past-time, once its been taken away, you feel the absence
lingering still...only to become a memory one can treasure and hold onto
up and until should luck be on your side, you once again find yourself
with it in your life... such a simple word has such control of our lives..
it takes away, yet gives back, and then becomes null and void. There is
one small glimpse of positive in this, we hold onto, and thats the 'saying'
we learn from others...and that is,
Absence, makes the heart grow fonder. So therefore, Absence, although a
lonely word, can also bring hope. What does the word mean to me?.. It
means a lot of goodbyes at the airports, a lot of missing my grandparents
in my life, it mean all the pets I have loved and lost over the years, it also
means wonderful memories, those that I treasure, and without the
presence of Absence in my life, wouldnt be as precious to me. I no longer
feel the hollowness of emotions, at the Absence of thing and people in my
life, but the joyous memories of the times we shared.