Saturday, 14 April 2012

Thank God, i'm me...

Ok,i'm taking time out of the A to Z challenge, to give myself time to vent, to type what i'm almost always too polite to say. 
That in itself is part of it, the polite part. See, I was raised with the belief that one is not rude to others, one doesn't disrespect others, one treats others with the damn respect they think themselves deserve.  So why, and i will appologise now but the language in this post is going to get graphic, because for ONCE, i am going to actually type (say) what i am actually thinking. Again, so why, do some people treat others with such fucking blatant disrespect. There is nothing, that pisses me the fuck off more than other people who are so damn up themselves they are fucking levitating!!.  HOW DARE another person, think themselves so fucking high and damn mighty, that they are above someone else, and have the damn right to say whatever the fuck they want to say, regardless of the other persons feelings. Who, do they think they are.  What makes you so much fucking better, with your up yourself attitude, to be so fucking obnoxious, and think you can insult, belittle, embarrass, ashame,  humiliate me, or others....what God given fucking right do you have to be sooooo fucking condescending that you are sooooooo righteous that you can think for one minute you are better than me or them.

You are NOT better, infact i will go as far as to say you are worse than anyone else. For you to think your so fucking brilliant, that treating others badly is the only way you can make yourself feel good, then you should be ashamed of yourself, because you know what, i fucking pity you...thats right, i feel so fucking sorry for you that the only gratitude you get in your life is dissing other people to feel good. Whats more, the people your treating that way, are twice the person you could ever, EVER aspire to be, and they are the ones sitting back , pitying you too as i am, because i'm almost certain i'm not the only person you treat this way.

Am i going to give out names, no i'm damn well not, because although i'm venting in here, and i don't give a ratsfuckingass, right now........I know better, unlike some others. So to those that read this, if your sure in your heart its not about you, then you have absolutly nothing to worry about.

I am a random person, i don't always make alot of sense, but you know what, at one stage, you liked that about don't expect me to act any different in the same situation towards you, not unlike i would anyone else. If this isn't making sense to you, then it's not supposed too, it just means its not towards you then.

This is called Venting.......

Lets all make a concerted EFFORT to treat those we call friends with the common fucking human decency we hold in regard for ourselves.  AND GET  A FUCKING CLUE WHILE YOUR AT IT.

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