Thursday, 12 April 2012

C is for Charm...its ever so charming...

Charm...Charming, my C word.
Define it a mannerism, an attitude,  is it what makes up a persons character, how they conduct themselves or carry themselves...or is it how they treat others, and how others perceive them.
Charm. I'm going to write my take on the word, my opinion as it were.
The word itself can be viewed upon in several different ways, i'll touch on two of them perhaps.
I find it utterly charming of a man, to treat a lady as a lady.  The simple things, like holding a door open for her, using manners infront of her, i see all that as being so very charming.  I think its how a person is raised from childhood, its 'in' them, its what makes them ..well, them! really.I find it very attractive in a man, if he's charming. Something so very sexy about it,  it drives you to want to know more about a person.  It makes a man more debonair, something very seductive about having charm.

Having charm isn't egotistical or being 'full of one's self,  per say.   It's almost like he is smooth in a very romantic way, without going 'over the top'. When a woman would say 'he is so very charming', i see that as quite the compliment for a man. Charm could take a man a long way, in his work, in his personal life, and dare i say it, in his sex life too !, yes, i went there lol.
Charm could be looked upon as a simple thing, a fleeting thought conjured up in ones mind regarding another person, during which the charming moment be it ever so brief occurred.
Or, charm itself, in its own right, could be also looked upon as being a flirtacious thing.  Like having charm, is being sensual, sexy, seductive, smooth, without having to, well, almost say a word!. It can win over minds and hearts in one, it can make a woman swoon, (theres an old fashioned word for you lol), to beckon to his charms, ok i'm going to type it....become weak at the knees lol.

Charm, in its more simple form, can be ever so innocent as seeing something cute, two children playing well together, sharing well, and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner, one might comment on how charming that is. A cute little animal, could be looked upon as being charming.

Whichever way you look at it, Charm, with all its glory, can only be an asset to a persons personality, one might say to have charm, will  create a 'win-win' situation.  So don't ever shy away from being Charming, embrace it as a weapon to use on the opposite sex, because you will find, us woman, love it!!. Be Charming, it makes a man, more of a man.......smiles.  And for the women, be charming too, it makes you feminine, something every woman should strive for nothing less,than to be feminine. (Bring your sexy back !!).

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