Monday, 9 April 2012 for.......

A is for........

Have you ever experienced the feeling of something missing, or someone
missing... that empty feeling, not quite like you have forgotten something
but a genuine feeling of emptyness... a void you find hard to fill with
some mundane task or unavoidable chore. Its the hollow feeling that
seems ever present in your mind, that lingers no matter how much you
try to distract yourself from thinking ...its the feeling of missing someone
when they aren't around...yes...
A is for Absence.
The absence of the person you love, the person whom you cherish, and
think about almost unwittingly continually and without distaction. To miss
someone so genuinly so openly and honestly is to feel their absence when
they aren't with you. How does one fill the void of their presence when
they aren't present in your life, in your day, yet are so ever-present in your
Absence is such a lonely word, it can only mean there is something or
someone missing... be it a person, or a pet...or such a simple thing as
an enjoyable past-time, once its been taken away, you feel the absence
lingering still...only to become a memory one can treasure and hold onto
up and until should luck be on your side, you once again find yourself
with it in your life... such a simple word has such control of our lives..
it takes away, yet gives back, and then becomes null and void. There is
one small glimpse of positive in this, we hold onto, and thats the 'saying'
we learn from others...and that is,
Absence, makes the heart grow fonder. So therefore, Absence, although a
lonely word, can also bring hope. What does the word mean to me?.. It
means a lot of goodbyes at the airports, a lot of missing my grandparents
in my life, it mean all the pets I have loved and lost over the years, it also
means wonderful memories, those that I treasure, and without the
presence of Absence in my life, wouldnt be as precious to me. I no longer
feel the hollowness of emotions, at the Absence of thing and people in my
life, but the joyous memories of the times we shared.

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  1. Very beautifully written Josephine I look forward to reading more!