Saturday, 14 April 2012

I DESERVE nothing less....

D. ... You know what, there is not one person on this whole entire planet, regardless of their situation, that doesn't Deserve to be treated with the common decency that Jesus Christ himself would treat each and every one of us with. Were we not all born equally, how does one persons lifestyle, good fortune, makes them more of a human being, than a person less fortunate, and with less assets, or less of a bank balance.  Stop to think how exactly do you treat your fellow human being. How do you know whats going on in their life that you cant stop to treat them with the Decent manners, honesty, respect, value, ..and all common basic human attributes that we are all capable of. Do you judge others? you treat other human being that bleed the same as you do, that hurt the same, that have families the same, or worse, dont!!, how do you treat them? you think they deserve less than you? do you think they Deserve to be treated  as less of a person than you?. When you were born, and they were born, do you think God made you better than them in that very instance?.

Let me answer that for you

He made each individual human being EQUAL.  No one, is better than anyone else, regardless of stature in the community, or career or job they do. You are just as important, just as equal, and not above, or below anyone else around you in your world. Nor are those you perceive to be less or below you, you are not better than them, and you never will be. You can only hope that one day, you can realise that you are both the same. for Deserve......Treat others with the respect you Deserve yourself.

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